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 Artist AU - Characters

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J'ai envoyé : 190
depuis le : 18/11/2012

MessageSujet: Artist AU - Characters   Lun 5 Juin - 20:39


Born in May 1987 at Stad aan 't Haringvliet (Netherlands)
Raised in Washington DC (USA)
Son of Roman Ian Hollander (1964 - 1997), Royal Netherlands Navy Lt.
And Adria Aliki Ktésias (1965 -1997), Traductor.
Older brother of Seraphinia Hollander (1993 - 1997) and Nysa Hollander (1993 - 1997)
Adopted son of Jonas Amir Maliki (1963 / 54), Human Rights Advocate
And Angelica Carrie Turing (1964 / 53), Nurse.
Adoptive brother of seven (second):
Sun Bak - Maliki (1987, 30), CEO of Walker Industries, Single.
Nomi Maliki (b. Michael Marks) (1988, 29), Computer technician, Dating.
Wolfgang Bogdanow (1988, 29), Security technician, Single.
Lito Rodriguez (1988, 29), Actor, Dating.
Kala Dandekar (1989, 28), Pharmacist at Walker Industries, Dating.
Riley Gunnarsdottir (k. Riley Blue) (1990, 27) DJ & Musician, Engaged.
Capheus Onyaongo (1990, 27), Bus Driver, Single.

Dating. Currently in a relationship with Alexander Lightwood (June 2017)
Had four formers relationships.
Lukas Thompson (m. 2002), Riley Stevens (m. 2004-2005), Clayton McRyan (m. 2008) and Clara Arandt (w. 2010-2011)
Living in New-York City (USA)

Had worked as war photographer (2007 - 2011)
Cinematographer and director of photography (2011 - ?)
Had worked on four movies.
A Witness Tree (2012)
The Sign of the Lost Wings (2013)
May We Meet Again (2015)
When We Two Parted (2017)
Member of the American Society of Cinematographers (2014 - ?)
Member of the Academy (2014 - ?)
Member of the PND Photo Annual (2009 - ?)
Member of the International Photography Award (2010 - ?)

Became an orphan at age 9. His parents and sisters died in a car crash. He was the only survivor and spend three months in the coma after that.
Placed in a child care service for a few months.
Get abducted by child traffickers and spend six months in a container at the back of a boat with other children.
Get released a few weeks after his arrival in the US
Get adopted by the Maliki's a year later.
Became photographer at age 17 and war photographer at age 19
Get injured in the back during a war campaign.
Stay in the mainland since then
Became a director of photography.

183 cm. Caucasian, blond hair, blue eyes. Good vision. Bothhanded.
Five scars. One on the shoudler, a big impact on the lower back and three smallers on the chest.
Wore five marks. A brown phoenix in the back, the greek motto on the side, a serial number on the inside left upper-arm, a list of number on the right wrist and and a serie of barres on the left wrist.

Photographic memory, good learner, autodidact.
Absolute vision.
Can compose and play music.
Can shoot.
Speaks ten languages

Survivors :
Eliott Alderson (1989), Computer technician, Dating
Tyrell Wellick (1987), Businessman, Dating
Joanna Wellick (1988), Unemployed, Single
Darlene Alderson (1988), Waitress, Single.
Dominique DiPierro (1987), FBI Agent, Single.
Angela Moss (1989), Secretary, Engaged.

Photography Awards:
Cinematography Awards:
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J'ai envoyé : 190
depuis le : 18/11/2012

MessageSujet: Re: Artist AU - Characters   Mer 7 Juin - 19:54


Born in October 1990 at New-York City (USA)
Raised in New-York City (USA)
Son of Robert Andrew Lightwood (1965), Assistant District Attorney
And Maryse Cristina Tribelloni (1966), Federal Judge.
Older brother of two :
Isabelle Lightwood (1996, 21), Business Student, Single.
Max Lightwood (2006, 11), Schoolboy, Single.

Dating. Currently in a relationship with Andréas Hollander (June 2017)
Had one former relationship.
Jace Wayland (2010-2012)
Living in New-York City (USA)

Graduated from Columbia Law School
Graduated from Julliard School
Had worked on three small plays after graduation.
Had worked on one movie.
A We in Us (2017)

Lived up to his family standard.
Joined theater class in high school to work on his speeches before entering law school.
Had go to college and law school and got a bachelor degree.
Dropped college to join Julliard School and becoming an actor.
Made his coming out the same year.
Graduated from Julliard.
Played in small plays in New-York
Got a big part in a movie.

190 cm. Caucasian, dark hair, green eyes. Good vision. Righthanded.
Wore one mark. An enkeli rune in the back.

Good learner. Eloquent.
Good writer.
Can shoot.
Speaks four languages.

Rafael Santiago (1989, 28), Actor. Single
Luke Garroway (1973, 44), Manager, Dating
Maia Roberts (1988, 29), Personal Assistant. Single.

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Artist AU - Characters
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